Why We Love Enamel Pins

When we used to travel, we would look for smashed penny machines. Now, we look for enamel pins. 

I started collecting enamel pins just over three years ago and each pin in my collection represents either a place I've been or a thing I love. I have Hamilton pins, pins from a concerts I've gone to, and a pin from a trip to New York with my brother.

Our first Christmas together, Raffi got me a Doctor Who pin and I still look at it and remember our first Christmas together and of course, my love of the 10th Doctor. Now we have a pin from the time we went to see Kesha together, the time we went to Wicked together, and the time we went to DC (That one is shaped like Lincolns hat). 

When I designed my first enamel pin, it was a declaration of who I am. A dreamer from Arizona. Each pin tells a story.  

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