Earring Care

Thank you for purchasing clay earrings from Click Bloom! 

Please avoid swimming with, showering with, sleeping in, or bending your clay jewelry and store in a clean, dry space when not using. 

If discoloration on solid pieces (see care for floral earrings below) occurs from makeup or hairspray, clean with a damp cloth. If your earrings do not have a silkscreen or transfer design, you can also clean with a q-tip and a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

If your design has small elements like cow ears, or cactus arms, do not grip the earrings by these pieces when putting on and taking off your earrings. These pieces can be delicate and can break over time. Instead, gently grip the base of the earring (top to bottom) when putting on and taking off your earrings. This will help earrings with smaller elements last longer.

If your earrings are from our new floral series, please note that while these are more robust than they look, they are still more delicate than earrings with thicker/solid pieces. Please treat your floral earrings with care to ensure a longer lifespan.