About Us

Click Bloom was started as a series of photographs
using fresh florals and vintage cameras. After listing
art prints on Etsy, Gilbertonians Denise and Raffi started
adding to their shop and in February of 2020, launched as
a pop up at a local farmer's market. Being avid gift givers,
they have filled the Click Bloom catalog with unique
and charming gift ideas for fellow desert lovers. 
Denise: Desert Dreamer, Creative, Photographer,
Click Bloom Founder, Gift Giver
For as long as Denise can remember, she's been an enthusiastic
gift giver. She believes the best gifts are those that are given for no
reason at all. Those "I saw this and thought of you" gifts. Those gifts
that make the people you love feel seen and valued. She loves creating
small moments that throw some magic into an ordinary day. Her
favorite is giving pins to the baristas at Dutch Bros while she's
picking up her favorite coffee freeze. 
Raffi: Handyman, Wood Worker, Mail Carrier, Drummer,
Click Bloom Operations 
On regular days, you'll find Raffi at the post office and delivering
mail to his favorite people in Gilbert, but being head over heels
for Denise, he's bringing his best to Click Bloom. From accounting
to wholesale management to inventory, packaging, and shipping,
Raffi is a Click Bloom powerhouse. 
Find Denise and Raffi at Agritopia Farm nights from 5-8
every second Wednesday of the month! You'll also find Click Bloom
at the Gilbert Farmer's Market, Studio 223 in Downtown Gilbert,
The Merchantile of Scottsdale, Changing Hands Bookstore
in Chandler and Phoenix, Shop Frances in Phoenix, Main Street
Harvest Market in Mesa, and in the occasional Locavore box!