Mesa Diving Lady Motel Vinyl Sticker Decal

Mesa Diving Lady Motel Vinyl Sticker

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Have you seen this sign on Main Street in Mesa? Chances are you've driven past it a time or two.

Our 70-foot diving lady has been around since 1960 when she was the tallest thing in the entire city. In 2010, she fell as a result of a storm and almost didn't make it back up. The people of Mesa banded together to raise enough money for her restoration which took two and a half years and cost $125,000. She can be seen today on the corner of Lindsay and Main.

This sticker measures 3 inches on the long side. Stickers are printed on high quality outdoor grade vinyl and laminated adding durability, scratch protection, and UV protection. Water proof and weatherproof, you can put these on your laptop, car, water bottle, bicycle, etc!

These are shipped out first class mail which means there is no tracking. Please send me a message before placing your order if you require tracking. 

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Perfect Gift For: Mesans / Arizona History Lovers